Illinois School for the Deaf Pilots Use of Cued Speech

by Charlie Musser Against longstanding tradition held among schools for the deaf, which typically advocate ASL-only or ASL/written English bilingual education, the Illinois School for the Deaf (ISD) began using Cued Speech in selected high school classrooms for reading and language instruction in 2010. After observing increases in reading levels, they expanded its use into selected elementary school classrooms. Continue reading

Grayson Clamps Breakthrough Cochlear Implant Surgery and Aftermath

by Sarah Segal gents standing In mid-June, a CNN video of the first child in the country to receive an auditory brainstem implant (ABI) went viral. While social media networks exploded with chatter about three-year old Grayson Clamp of Charlotte, North Carolina and his new implant activation, there was no mention of the communication modality Grayson uses in his everyday life, which is Cued Speech. Considering Grayson Clamps breakthrough cochlear implant surgery and how well he is doing afterwards through his parent’s use of Cued Speech, it’s surprising that the media has not picked this up and run with it. Continue reading

Editor’s Notes – Fall ’13 – Sanjay Guptas report on Grayson Clamp

by Sarah Segal From ABC Family’s Switched at Birth season finale in August, which eatures a teenaged deaf character to CNN Correspondent Sanjay Guptas report on Grayson Clamp, the first child in the country to receive an auditory brainstem implant (ABI), “deafness” is a trending topic in the mainstream media these days. But there’s so much more to know.

For instance, you may not have known that Grayson Clamp, the first American child to receive the ABI, uses Continue reading

Cornett Scholarship Winner Pursues Degree at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)

by Tammy Lamb gents standing The NCSA’s Scholarship Committee is pleased to announce Ann Mochinski of Fairfax, VA, as the 2013 R. Orin Cornett Memorial Scholarship winner. Cornett, the inventor of Cued Speech, dedicated his life to increasing communication, language, and literacy skills among deaf and hard-of-hearing children. While this award honors his memory, it is also intended to provide monetary assistance to accomplished deaf cuers pursuing higher education. Mochinksi is a testament to the Cornett legacy because Continue reading

Cued Speech and ASL: A Collection of Parent and Adult Deaf Stories Needed

by Sarina Roffe gents standing Our Chosen Path is a collection of stories written by parents and their now adult deaf children. Each pair of stories, woven through time, take the reader on a family’s personal journey. One perspective reveals the parent’s viewpoint, while the other considers the unique reflections of the now adult, child. Together they tell of each family’s life-changing decision to embrace Cued Speech. All together, this composes a collection of parent and adult deaf stories. Continue reading

What Causes Auditory Neuropathy?

by Aaron Rose What causes auditory neuropathy? Auditory neuropathy, also referred to as auditory dysynchrony or Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder (ANSD), is considered to be a hearing disorder in which the quality of sound is distorted, much like listening to a radio station with a bad antenna. There is still some uncertainty about what causes ANSD, but the outer and inner hair cells of the cochlea are cited as the source of the distortion in sound Continue reading

Spring Camp Cheerio

by Courtney Branscome, Camp Co-Director spring-camp-cheerio-branscome-2013 We proudly celebrated Spring Camp Cheerio’s 29th year in May. Camp Cheerio is located in the northwestern corner of the North Carolina mountains in a small town called Roaring Gap, and has breathtaking views of the valley – the site of Spring Camp Cheerio – AG Bell and Cued Speech. It’s a place to escape modern technology, as cell phone service is very limited; to escape the hamster wheel of working life; meet other individuals, including families and professionals interested in learning strategies for Continue reading

President’s Message – Newly Identified Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children – Fall 2013

by Shannon Howell As the summer 2013 cue camp season comes to a close, with Cue Camp Virginia scheduled for September 27–29, 2013, I would like to take the opportunity to thank the many volunteers who have contributed their time and services to make each NCSA-sponsored camp successful: Spring Camp Cheerio in North Carolina, Camp ChiCueGo in Illinois, and Cue Camp New England in Maine. These camps Continue reading