Cued Speech and ASL: A Collection of Parent and Adult Deaf Stories Needed

by Sarina Roffe gents standing Our Chosen Path is a collection of stories written by parents and their now adult deaf children. Each pair of stories, woven through time, take the reader on a family’s personal journey. One perspective reveals the parent’s viewpoint, while the other considers the unique reflections of the now adult, child. Together they tell of each family’s life-changing decision to embrace Cued Speech. All together, this composes a collection of parent and adult deaf stories.

In the end, though the families and stories differ, the reader learns the extraordinary role Cued Speech plays in their lives. The benefits of more enhanced interpersonal communication, higher levels of education, greater success in employment and increased involvement in society become evident as the tales unfold. Taken together, these gains contribute to personal happiness and create a more level playing field in the game of life.

Are you ready to tell your story?


1) Both parents and child must be willing to write the story from their own perspective.
2) Photographs and a copy of the child’s audiogram must be included.
3) Stories must include age of diagnosis, why Cued Speech was chosen, decisions regarding cochlear implant, educational experience before cued speech, family dynamics, who in the family cues, and whether or not there other deaf children in the family.
4) Adult deaf stories must discuss the part that Cued Speech plays in your daily life, experiences in the deaf community, path to ASL, employment, photographs, as well as your views and/or experience with cochlear implant. 5) Suggested length is 1000 words for each individual’s story.

Please contact Sarina Roffe at or Linda at. if you have questions. The submission deadline for stories is November 1, 2013.

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