Editor’s Notes – Fall ’13 – Sanjay Guptas report on Grayson Clamp

by Sarah Segal From ABC Family’s Switched at Birth season finale in August, which eatures a teenaged deaf character to CNN Correspondent Sanjay Guptas report on Grayson Clamp, the first child in the country to receive an auditory brainstem implant (ABI), “deafness” is a trending topic in the mainstream media these days. But there’s so much more to know.

For instance, you may not have known that Grayson Clamp, the first American child to receive the ABI, uses Continue reading

President’s Message – Newly Identified Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children – Fall 2013

by Shannon Howell As the summer 2013 cue camp season comes to a close, with Cue Camp Virginia scheduled for September 27–29, 2013, I would like to take the opportunity to thank the many volunteers who have contributed their time and services to make each NCSA-sponsored camp successful: Spring Camp Cheerio in North Carolina, Camp ChiCueGo in Illinois, and Cue Camp New England in Maine. These camps Continue reading

Editor’s Note – Spring 2013

by Sarah Segal
Cochlear implants are sort of a mixed blessing—it has both produced opportunities for deaf children and impeded them in their overreliance on them. It isn’t a cure-all and it certainly isn’t for everybody, either, for better or worse. In this issue, we will show how Cued Speech—and even, at times, American Sign Language—continues to provide powerful opportunities for students that technology is still limited in Continue reading

New Executive Director | Appreciation of Cued Speech Parents
President’s Message 2013

by Shannon Howell As I look back over the past year and the short strides made for Cued Speech, I’m dwarfed by the tasks ahead of us that never seem to grow smaller, only more difficult and with new challenges. As a Board, we have all grown, faced hardships, been frustrated at times, and through it all are still very positive about Cued Speech continuing to be a blessing to many in the future.

Now more than ever, I am in awe of the parents and professionals of the “first generation” of cuers. It was through your hard work and dedication Continue reading

Editor’s Note – Spring 2012

by Sarah Segal It is with great expectations that I accept my new role as Editor-in-Chief of On Cue. I have always enjoyed receiving the newsletter in the mail, fondling the pages and ravenously reading articles about goings on in our community. It is one much larger than people sometimes realize—an international network of teachers, transliterators, parents Continue reading

President’s Message – 2012

by Shannon Howell It continues to be a pleasure serving on the Board of Directors for NCSA. The new Board reviewed the NCSA’s history and its current status at a fall Board meeting in Denver, Colorado, this past October. While I would like to say that the NCSA is excelling and growing, the truth is simply that both membership and revenues have been on a decline for the past four years. Continue reading