The Founding of Cued Speech of Colorado

by Aaron Rose, M.S.D.E., CED spring-2012-cued-speech-colorado-400 On September 28, 2010, Cued Speech of Colorado was founded by a group of parents and professionals led by two deaf cuers. We formed CSCO for the express purpose of carrying out the same vision and mission as the NCSA. With an emphasis on grass-roots advocacy, CSCO focuses on regional- and state-level conferences and building relationships with educational agencies and professional organizations. Continue reading

CLT Certification a Top Priority for Recent Scholarship Winner

by Zainab Alkebsi The 2011 winner of the Cornett Scholarship stood out from the other applicants as a zealous and forward-looking Cued Speech advocate. As Jason Gorny explicates in his winning application, “Cued Speech has been a lifeline for me to literacy, so I will advocate, network, and educate others about the benefits of using Cued Speech. I believe that I can use my experience with Cued Speech to help others believe in it as a means of teaching language and communication, not only to the Continue reading

Mitsuyoshi Yabe and Japanese Cued Speech

by Sarina Roffe gents standingWhen Mitsuyoshi came to me for tutoring several months ago, the idea that Cued Speech was in use in Japan floored me. For years, I have advocated on behalf of some global avenue for Cued Speech users from other countries to communicate with each other. In 2006, the NCSA brought together cuers from 12 countries, many of them European, during its 40th anniversary conference in Towson, MD, and since then I have learned of cuers in Continue reading

Remembering a Supporter: Mary Ann Lachman

by Hilary Franklin In January, the Cued Speech community lost one of its most ardent supporters when Mary Ann Lachman, mother to native deaf cuer Ben Lachman, died after having battled cancer for nine years. Mary Ann and her husband founded the Ronald and Mary Ann Lachman Foundation in 1989, which has supported projects that directly impact the advocacy of Cued Speech, including projects and camps for the NCSA, videos, and the Cuers for Leadership, Education, and Advocacy Retreat (CLEAR). Continue reading

Cue Camp Virginia: Reflections of a First Timer

by Diana Khoury I honestly had no idea what to expect when I went to Cue Camp Virginia last August. It was only three weeks earlier that I began working as a Cued Language Transliterator (CLT) with Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS). I had previously thought cue camps were only for people who were already fluent in cued American English, such as CLTs or deaf Continue reading

Editor’s Note – Spring 2012

by Sarah Segal It is with great expectations that I accept my new role as Editor-in-Chief of On Cue. I have always enjoyed receiving the newsletter in the mail, fondling the pages and ravenously reading articles about goings on in our community. It is one much larger than people sometimes realize—an international network of teachers, transliterators, parents Continue reading

New Cueing Assessments Offer Something for Everyone

by Charlie Musser Over the past few years, three new assessments of cueing skills have been developed and are now available. The Word-level Assessment, Sentence-level Assessment, and Conversational-level Assessment were designed to evaluate expressive cueing skills and are targeted toward parents, transliterators, and other professionals who may Continue reading

Cueing in the Middle East: Cued Persian Developed in Iran

by Sarah Segal In one of the largest cities in Western Asia, Cued Speech is slowly but surely garnering the attention of scholars, deaf education professionals, and parents of deaf children. Guita Movallali (/gi’ ta mo væl læ’ li/) of Tehran, the capital of Iran, says that she developed Persian Cued Speech to help deaf Iranians “learn better and have full access to Continue reading

President’s Message – 2012

by Shannon Howell It continues to be a pleasure serving on the Board of Directors for NCSA. The new Board reviewed the NCSA’s history and its current status at a fall Board meeting in Denver, Colorado, this past October. While I would like to say that the NCSA is excelling and growing, the truth is simply that both membership and revenues have been on a decline for the past four years. Continue reading