The Founding of Cued Speech of Colorado

by Aaron Rose, M.S.D.E., CED spring-2012-cued-speech-colorado-400 On September 28, 2010, Cued Speech of Colorado was founded by a group of parents and professionals led by two deaf cuers. We formed CSCO for the express purpose of carrying out the same vision and mission as the NCSA. With an emphasis on grass-roots advocacy, CSCO focuses on regional- and state-level conferences and building relationships with educational agencies and professional organizations.

In considering how CSCO could carry out its mission to educate people about Cued Speech, we realized the importance of maintaining relations with various populations, including interpreters through the Colorado Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (CRID), parents through Hands and Voices, and early intervention providers through Children’s Hospital of Colorado. Members of CSCO have also given workshops or presentations to a variety of groups within the deaf and hard of hearing community.

For example, CSCO organized a workshop with service providers from the Children’s Hospital of Colorado in Aurora, CO, where participants learned the system. It was relatively easy to set up the workshop as the hospital provided the facilities and coordinated communication with the participants. By building relationships with deaf and hard of hearing programs within hospitals, service providers are in a better position to inform parents about Cued Speech as an option.

In actively making connections on Facebook and Twitter, we have increased our exposure to the mainstream population and more people are finding out through word of mouth that CSCO sponsors social events for cuers of all levels. A feature of our website includes a blog, which is picked up my aggregators such as or (These aggregators are websites that “repost” blogs pertaining to hearing loss.

Goals for the Future

A high priority we have for the organization is to create a camp that would serve the needs of the western part of the United States. While still in the planning stages, we envision this camp rotating through the different parts of the region in order to service the needs of the individual communities growing across this area.

Another focus of CSCO is to increase the pool of available transliterators within the state, historically a common problem across the country. By targeting sign language interpreter programs and offering workshops within school districts, we are increasing the awareness of cued language transliterating as a career track.

Overall, CSCO continues to carry out the mission of the NCSA through its grass-roots efforts and strives to serve as an example of the impact that NCSA affiliates can have on the inclusion of Cued Speech as an option for language and literacy development in the early intervention and educational setting.

CSCO Board Members • Aaron Rose, M.S.D.E, CED, President
• Lisa Weiss, Vice President
• Mary-Beth Rose, Secretary/Treasurer
• Emily Dudas, At-Large
• Anna Liljestrand, At-Large
• Sabrina West, At-Large

Come visit us through our website at!

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